Watson Marlow recently released new sizes of the APEX pumps. We met for training last week, and the reports of performance in the field have exceeded expectations. Originally, the pump was being brought out to help Bredel compete with low cost (and low quality) hose pump competitors. For some reason, we started calling the traditional Bredel pumps “Heavy Duty” and the new APEX pump picked up the mistaken reputation of being a “Light Duty” pump. The only real difference was that the traditional Bredel pumps could go up to 232 psi, and the APEX is good to 115 psi. So a more accurate way of describing the pumps would be High Pressure and Low Pressure.
The APEX pump also has a redesigned hose which we have found to get 50% to 100% more life than other hoses. The lower pressure range allowed the pump to be made at a lower cost, and the savings was reflected in the price.

The APEX pump has the same great Direct-Coupled construction of the Bredel pump. This means that bearings are in-line with the highest stresses the pump mechanism sees, opposite where the shoes press the hose. Our gearbox/pumphead assemblies have considerably longer life than Close-Coupled and Long-Coupled construction of any competitor’s hose pump.
This pump is not Light Duty at all. We are seriously pleased to have a low pressure economical alternative with this good of a performance profile.

We traditionally have looked at customers using Progressing Cavity and Rotary Lobe pumps as someone primed for trying our hose pumps, particularly in highly abrasive applications. Now, however, we see people using AOD pumps (Air Operated Diaphram pumps, aka Double Diaphram pumps) as a focus for replacement. While very inexpensive to buy, AODs have a high cost in down-time (not to mention compressed air). Several customers have recently converted from AODs to APEX pumps. Some customers are ready to change out several AODs after the success of the initial pump. Reliability and repeatability, as well as reduced down time made the conversion a great idea.
Hearing about the high satisfaction with the new APEX pump, we are happy to recommend them for our customers in a wide variety of applications. We have trial and demo pumps available for customers needing to prove out an installation before they buy, thus making low pressure applications a decision that lowers the pressure for many operators and mechanics in your plant.